If you have played Half-Life, or any other shooter, you should already be familiar with basic movement. If you aren't, play the Actionized Hazard Course. This is the HL Hazard Course with Action moves and weapons. There are no default keys, so be sure to set them all before you start.

Long Jumps
Long Jumps are executed in AHL in the same way that they are executed in regular Half-Life. To do a Long Jump, run forward, hold Duck, and then press Jump. Unlike regular Half-Life, AHL allows you to long jump at any time, although you must wait a few moments between jumps. Also, Long Jumping will briefly lower your weapon, and you will not be able to fire while Long Jumping.

AHL allows you to climb up and over small objects and walls. To climb, press and hold Jump while next to a wall or crate. If it isn't too high, you will notice your weapon disappear and will start climbing up. Once you have made it all the way, release Jump to stand and bring your weapon out. To cancel climbing up, simply let go of Jump. AHL also has standard ladders that can you can climb just like in regular Half-Life.

Dives, Rolls, and Prone
Dives are executed by pressing the Stunt button (Ctrl or Mouse3 by default) while moving. Diving will cause you to leap in the direction you were moving, going into a horizontal position, and crashing through any glass in your path. If you Dive forward, you will land on the ground in a 'prone' position. You can also go prone by pressing Stunt while ducking. While prone, you can slowly move from side to side with your sidestepping keys. Pressing the Back key will cause you to stand again. If you Dive to the left or right, then you will roll when you land and automatically stand back up. Side-Dives are good for evading enemy fire and getting behind cover quickly. Forward-Dives are good for getting close to your enemy quickly. It does take time to get up from a Dive, however, so use them wisely. A good way to retreat quickly while firing is to Dive backwards. This will end up with you lying on your back (you cannot move at all in this position) until you press Stunt again to stand back up.