In many action movies, some characters exhibit special traits, such as being a crack shot, being a quick-draw, being able to move silently, or having a silencer, bullet-proof vest, or night-vision goggles. To match this, AHL has a set of items, each of which will give you a specific advantage. To balance this, you can only have one at a time. If you want another item, you'll have to drop the item you are carrying with the Drop Item button (I by default). Also, many items can be turned on or off, such as the laser sight or flashlight. To turn an item on or off, press the On/Off button (O by default). In Deathmatch and Last Man Standing without Equipment, there will only one of each item on the map, so if someone has the silencer, and you want it, you'll have to kill them and take it.

Kevlar Vest
The Kevlar Vest is your basic bullet-proof vest. It is very effective against smaller guns, but Rifles, Shotguns, and Hand Cannons, and Knives go right through them. If someone is bothering you with a Submachine Gun or Akimbo Berettas, the Kevlar Vest will double or triple your average lifespan.

The Bandolier allows you to carry more ammo. It usually doubles your maximum capacity for spare clips for all of your guns. This includes your starting clips. This means that you will start with almost twice as much ammo when you choose to start with a Bandolier. The Bandolier also allows you to carry an extra Unique weapon, but it doesn't allow you to carry more than four pistols. Being able to carry a shotgun and a sniper rifle can be incredibly useful. You still only start with one Unique Weapon, however. You have to get the other from a corpse.

Laser Sight
The Laser Sight will improve your accuracy for any weapon that it is applied to. However, it cannot be applied to Akimbo Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, or Hand Cannons. For example, using a Laser Sight with a Submachine Gun will dramatically reduce the spread. Using a Laser Sight with a .44 Magnum, Colt 1911, or Desert Eagle will give it very good accuracy, even while moving. Be careful, as enemies can see your beam! If you are sneaking around, turn it off until you need it. You can turn the Laser Sight on and off with the 'On/Off' button, which defaults to 'O'.

The silencer is a staple of covert ops. When you need to be discreet, silenced weapons are your best options. Some weapons cannot be silenced: Colt SAA's, Desert Eagles, .44 Magnums, the Shotgun and Hand Cannon. For the others, using a Silencer will eliminate the muzzle flash and greatly reduce the firing noise. This can be especially useful on dark maps where your muzzle flash and noise give your position away. Even on well-lit maps, snipers often use them to conceal their position.

Stealth Slippers
Stealth Slippers remove your footstep noises. Most experienced players can hear enemy footsteps approaching, and are alerted. Wearing Stealth Slippers allows you to sneak up behind enemies and shoot them at close range. For this reason, Stealth Slippers are usually coupled with the Shotgun, Hand Cannon, or Knives. You can turn the Silencer on and off with the 'On/Off' button, which defaults to 'O'.

Note : Stealth slippers will not disguise the noise of you landing after a dive. So it is best not to dive wildly around if your trying to remain stealthy.

The flashlight can be used in dark areas to illuminate stuff in front of you. Unlike regular Half-Life, there is no 'battery' or other restriction. You can keep it on for as long as you like. Be careful, it can reveal your position to enemies. One nice feature of Flashlights is that if you shine one on someone with active Night Vision Goggles, they will be temporarily blinded. You can turn the Flashlight on and off with the 'On/Off' button, which defaults to 'O'.

Night Vision Goggles
The Nigh Vision Goggles can be used in dark areas to allow you to see in the dark, for a limited distance. Unlike HL: OpForce, there is no restriction on how long you can use Night Vision Goggles. You can use them all the time if you want to. Beware, if someone shines a Flashlight at you while the Goggles are active, you will be blinded temporarily. It is very difficult to aim when you can't see. You can turn the Night Vision Goggles on and off with the 'On/Off' button, which defaults to 'O'.

The quick-draw Holster allows you to instantly switch between weapons. Since it normally takes a few moments to change weapons, this can come in very handy. Snipers love this weapon because it allows them to draw their sidearm if they are ambushed. This can also be useful for weapons that take a long time to reload, like the Shotgun. If you run out of ammo, you can switch to your sidearm to continue fighting without interruption

Choosing the Grenade as your item will give you one standard-issue fragmentation grenade. Although it is chosen as an item, once you are playing, it is treated as a weapon, and you may pick up another item. You may carry two at a time, and you will drop any unused ones when you die. To throw a grenade, select it as your weapon (category 1), and press fire to throw. Secondary fire will change the distance of your throw, from short to medium to long. You can hold down the fire button to pull the pin without throwing it. Thus, you can pull the pin and then go looking for someone to throw it at. It takes about a second to pull the pin, so this can be very useful for throwing quickly. Beware: if you die with the pin pulled, the grenade will drop and detonate five seconds later, so try not to get shot in the middle of all your team mates. Grenades can cause more damage then any other weapon, so use them wisely.