Q: Where can I download Action Half-Life Directors Cut?
A: It can be downloaded from

Q: Where can I download Action Half-Life?
A: It can be downloaded from or it can be downloaded from

Q: Does AHL include Single Player support?
A: Yes, sort of. You can play the regular Half-Life levels with AHL weapons and physics. Due to AHL's more realistic damage system you'll experience a few situations which are impossible to survive without cheats, though. Also, you could get stuck in some maps. Use standard map changing cheat codes to get around this. Furthermore, you may loose weapons when changing levels normally. Use standard cheat codes to re-arm. Also, AHL SinglePlayer incorporates Slow-Motion and a third person camera when you use stunts. This is called 'Adrenaline Rush'.

Q: Why isn't it called bullet-time?
A: 'Bullet-time' is copyrighted by Remedy, makers of Max Payne.

Q: Are there bots I could use to play AHL offline?
A: YES! See the ' bots ' page for more info.

Q: How do I choose a new crosshair or set other client side options?
A: All client side options (crosshair choice, deathcam etc) are located in the 'multiplayer->customise->advanced' section in HL.

Q: How do I change teams?
A: Bring up the Command Menu and select 'change team'.

Q: How do I change my equipment?
A: Bring up the Command Menu and select 'change equipment'.

Q: How do I use the radio?
A: Bring up the Command Menu and select your message in the radio sub-menu. However, it will only work in Teamplay.

Q: How do I add my own custom messages to this radio menu?
A: Edit commandmenu.txt

Q: How do I use gestures? (i.e. wave, taunt)
A: Bring up the Command Menu and select the gestures sub-menu.

Q: Why do I die when I get shot?
A: The damage in Action Half-Life is high. One or two shots is usually enough to kill anyone (Especially a shot to the head). Learn to use cover and how to roll/dive out of the way.

Q: My health keeps going down when I get shot, what do I do?
A: You need to bandage. Hit the key you bound "heal" If your health is really low (5 or less), don't bother...
You are going to die anyway... might as well go out in a blaze of glory...

Q: I can't hit anyone, what gives?
A: Your accuracy is affected by things like movement, stance and rate of fire (to an extent). Try standing still when you go to fire, or better yet crouching. If you are using a fully automatic weapon, try keeping it to short bursts.

Q: What does 1337 mean?
A: 1337 (or l33t) stands for 'leet', as in 'elite'.

Q: Why do I get TK-Punished for shooting enemies who start next to me?
A: Many teams have 'sub-teams' composed of different player models, they are not your enemy. Everyone who starts out next to you is a teammate.
If a teammate accidentally kills you, you can forgive him by hitting the key bound to "tkok".

Q: Why are there no scores being displayed in teamplay games?
A: Frags and deaths are only displayed after the end of each map. This was implemented to promote teamplay and not distract people with frag comparisons during the game.

Q: I don't see death messages in teamplay, why is that?
A: Another feature to emphasize teamwork. To find out who still is on your team you have to make use of the extensive radio and text communication features. Note: Teamkills are always shown. Also note: when you are dead, you can see all death messages.

Q: I'd like to know more about scripting for AHL, can you help me there?
A: Probably best to head over to and ask in the forums as the Action scripting site has disappeared.

Q: I want to make a AHL map. Where can I get the actionhalflife.fgd file?
A: Look in your /half-life/action directory. It should be there.

Q: I need more help. Where can I ask questions?
A: Head for the Ministry of Action or #ministryofaction irc channel on quakenet (#clan-ladnet and #>N are probably a better bet as most of the team hang there. ) There is a question forum on the AHL Messageboards , and an #actionhalflife IRC channel on