The Ministry of Action (Directors Cut)
[>N]Ves - Coder, Website support, Installer build
[ladnet]sykes - Coder, linux build
ladnet]brad - Coder, Map hacks
[>N]Rustymonkey - Site design, general support
Kissamies - Build master (content archives/control)
Rogue - 2d graphics, intro/pimp movies

Additional Help (Directors Cut)
[QuAd]dunc - website updates/file mirroring, general ahl advice, CAKE!
Frost - Support and advice (modeling info)
[TSU]Payback - Support, advice and for getting us started off (Big Thankyou)

Special thanks
[DAMN]raven, [DANN]hawky For hosting a spectacular LAN/Release party.
All the countless players that have contributed both their time and thoughts on our servers and forums. Without the players there wouldnt be ahl!!

Akimbo Team Productions (The God Fathers)
Dwayne 'Oddjob' Douglass - Game Designer, Lead Modeler, Animator
Stuart 'Payback' Crouch - Coder (Betas 4.0 - 5.0)
Kris 'Mr_Grim' Rigby - Original Coder (Betas 1.0 - 3.56)
Evan 'Ace12GA' Prentice - Modeler
Markus 'RaVeN' Hastreiter - Audio Director, Press Liason
Martin 'rogue' Oberhaus - Hud
Christopher 'Moore+' Moore - Player Skins
Dirk 'banana' Schraeer - Mapper (ahl_astorage, ahl_bananamans, ahl_bankdoom, ahl_calypso, ahl_engholm, ahl_napoli), Bullet Decals, Debris

Action Half Life Staff (The Cleaners)
Nathan 'LPlasma' Purkeypile - Modeler, Animator
Ildegardis 'Deimos' Briceño - Modeler, Animator
Michael "Mel" Groezinger - models, skins, animations
Elliot "Skammy" Pembrook - Modeler
Jason 'JT+ 'Thomas - Player Skins
Brian 'Hondo' McClelland - Mapper (ahl_5am, ahl_nocredit, ahl_endlessrain)
Nick 'Drumdude' Cramer - Mapper (ahl_hkheat)
Tan Teck 'BunnyX' Weng - Mapper (ahl_bxminiluv)
Mark 'Plexor' Bennink - Mapper (ahl_casagrande)
'Spydre' - Mapper (ahl_streets)
Nicholas 'Vektuz' Lawson - Code support (and loads of it)
Christian 'Luebbi' Evraert - Lead Beta tester and a whole lot more
Thorsten 'Borg' Schwalb - Barrysworld Liason, Musician (ahl_bankdoom, ahl_casagrande, ahl_bananamans, ahl_hkheat, ahl_calypso, ahl_streets, ahl_napoli)
Mike 'Colm' Prosser - Manual Author, Bot Waypoint Files and stuff
Tim 'CHPX' Lang - 2d Art - Media / Steam interface
Springer - Skinner
Malkmus - Modeller

Additional Kudos (The Cannon Fodder)
_sleepi_ - Hand models
Adam "Katto" Smith - Modeler
Mark "quamosity" Lang - "Ghostdog" skin
Scott "Crustashio"
Montgomerie - Viewport Mojo, Last Minute Model Fixes
Luke "Alice`" Paul - Our resident Grammar Ranger, some weapon model fixes, bullet models, Flashlight model, and stuff.
Chris 'aUsLanDeR' Wallace - NT and Linux server
Tony "Crosshair" Germaneri - Linux / Win32 servers (5 of 'em!)
Zaphod - Linux development server, linux support
Nikolaj 'Musicmad'
Christensen - Linux server
Adrain 'Pink' Finol - Code support
Jason 'Ikkyo' Gripp - Code support
Paul 'Pablo' Flaherty - stalkyard.loc and Quality Control
Marcus 'Gen' Howell - Team Mascot, Command Menu Author
BarrysWorld - For holding on even when they were dying (BW 4EVA!)
Stewart 'Skunk' Thomas - Wireplay Liason
Wireplay - for letting us have direct access :D
-sLs- Clan Seals - for server hosting
Michael "MrWhite" Jusenius - Innocent Bystander
Max 'No Style' Fritzsche - Various p&w models
Dennis 'Nyles' Schwarz - Weapons Info
Daidoji - The "Got Pear?" Billboard
Rich Whitehouse - Custom bot cde

Other Action Half-Life contributors (Dead Men Walking)
Bartender - Not A Whole Lot
Cail - original coder/grenade code
Andrew "Zelig" Babb - voice actor
Jordan Weber-Flink - voice actor
Caryn "Hellchick" Law - voice actor

Special thanks to our player model contest entires:
Brian 'Evil Bastard' Collins (Michigan, Drake/Shaft[model only])
Rikki Knight (Wasabi, The_Fist)
Neal "Guplik" Corbett (Carrianne)
Eric Spitler (Ivan)

Extra Special Thanks (those people at the end of the credits who you never see)

* All the beta5 testers, these guys were brilliant at finding those little (and big) bugs and
making this beta live up to its potential

* Rich Whitehouse for his experience with bots

* The Original A-Team (Cail, Pietro, Vain, Bartender) without whom none of this ever would have happened!!

* Valve for generating a LURVE/HAET relationship (MOSTLY LURVE!!!)

* for Hosting & Remote Dev Support

* Creative Labs for support

* Maxon Computer for support

* You, for waiting patiently whilst we got things sorted.

* Merlin, Framer and Black Monk for hosting our message board and generally putting up with our shit.

* Anybody we forgot! (if we did we are sorry... drop us a line and we will remedy it ASAP!)

* Mind Vision software for Installer VISE

The installer for this product was created using Installer VISE from
MindVision Software. For more information on Installer VISE, contact:

MindVision Software
7201 North 7th Street
Lincoln, NE 68521-8913

Voice: (402) 477-3269
Fax: (402) 477-1395