In game controls
+commandmenu brings up option menu (change team, weapon etc)
+stunt the Stunt button, used for dives, etc.
+change brings up the weapon selection menu, enter is always bound to this.
spectate become a spectator, even in LMS or DM
tkok forgive a teamkill
heal used to bandage your wounds if bleeding/limping
dropitem drop your current special item
useitem switch your special item on/off
ignoremode Cycle through ignore modes (broadcast, broadcast & radio, all or none)
gesture <animation> do this gesture
(for making custom shortcuts etc)
valid gestures : point_forward, point_up, wave_forward, wave_stop, flipoff, taunt & salute
Weapon controls
weapon helpful command for :
a) switching to or between unique weapons
b) unzooming
c) putting pin back in an armed grenade
d) switching to last used weapon
dropweapon Drops your current weapon and draws a different weapon, usually a single pistol
weapon_fists Kung Fu mode :)
weapon_knife Knife
weapon_frag Grenade
weapon_beretta Single Beretta
weapon_colt Single Colt 1911
weapon_saa Single Colt SAA
weapon_anaconda .44 Magnum
weapon_de50 Desert Eagle
weapon_akimbob Akimbo Berettas
weapon_akimcolt Akimbo Colt 1911
weapon_akimsaa Akimbo Colt SAA
weapon_hkmp5 MP5K Submachine gun
weapon_m4 M4 Assault Rifle
weapon_handcannon Handcannon
weapon_ithaca Shotgun
weapon_msg90 MSG90 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
weapon_50cal .50cal Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
Radio/talk variable binds
radio <sentence>

radio this message to your teammates directly, valid <sentences> are (explanation in brackets):

0 to 10 ("One", "Two" etc.)
back ("Back)
backup ("Need Backup")
cover ("Cover me")
down ("Down")
enemyd ("Enemy down!")
enemys ("Enemy spotted!")
forward ("Forward")
go ("GO!")
im_hit ("I'm hit!")
left ("Left")
rdeath ("AAArghhglhlh", you can use this one to go along with your "I'm dying at %L" text message)
reportin ("Reporting in")
right ("Right")
taking_f ("Taking fire!")
teamdown ("Teammate down")
treport ("Team! report in!")
up ("Up")

radio im_hit cover (would output "I'm hit! Cover me!")
radio go up (would output "Go up", ya who would've guessed)

say_team %K flag
(Directors Cut)
Adds current number of kills to message
eg. say_team "Got %K !" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : Got 2 kills!"
say_team %A flag
(Directors Cut)
Adds current amount of ammo to message
eg. say_team "Got %A left!" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : Got 5 rounds of ammo left!"
say_team %T flag
(Directors Cut)
Adds current teamname to message
eg. say_team "%T follow me!" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : TEAM follow me!"
say_team %L flag add location information to message
eg. say_team "Taking fire near %L" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : Taking fire near East Avenue"
say_team %V flag add ident information to message
eg. say_team "I can see %V sitting on his arse" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : I can see Agent Smith sitting on his arse"
say_team %O flag add ident location information to message
eg. say_team "Enemy %V spotted near %O" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : Enemy Agent Smith spotted near East Avenue"
say_team %W flag add weaponname information to message
eg. say_team "I'm using a %w" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : I'm using a shotgun"
say_team %I flag add itemname information to message
eg. say_team "I'm have a %i" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : I'm have a laser sight"
say_team %H flag add health information to message
eg. say_team "I'm on %h" would come out as
"Player [TEAM] : I'm on 50% health"
Client options (cl_vars)
(Directors Cut)
Dynamic crosshair
0 = off
1 = fancy dynamic crosshair
2 = dynamic crosshair without rate of fire adjustment
3 = round.. thingy
(Directors Cut)
Dynamic crosshair color
Range: 0-8
(Directors Cut)
Dynamic crosshair alpha (transparency)
Range: 0-255
(Directors Cut)
Allow weapon cycling to select empty weapon
1 = on
0 = off
cl_screentilt Screen tilt (when moving left and right)
Range: 0-8
cl_bodystay 0 = infinite, any other number = time in seconds
cl_menubars 0 = no more menu bars
eyecandy how much gore/sfx is in the game
hud_fastswitch Fast weapon switching
0 = Off
1 = On
r_decals Number of decal effects. Set it to 4096 if your system can handle it.
gore_level How much blood/gibs appear.
cl_wallfx Wall debris.
1 = On
0 = Off
cl_wallfxscale Size of the wall debris.
cl_muzzlefx First person muzzle flashes.
1 = On
0 = Off
cl_externalmuzzlefx 3rd person muzzle flashes.
1 = On
0 = Off
(Directors Cut)
3rd person muzzle world flashes.
1 = On
0 = Off
cl_bloodfx Blood particles.
1 = On
0 = Off
hud_takeshots Takes a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each level.
1 = On
0 = Off
cl_forcefps Force rush mode to stay in first person.
1 = On
0 = Off
cl_autotime Automatic rush mode.
1 = On
0 = Off
cl_slowsound Slow sounds down when in rush mode.
1 = On
0 = Off
cl_norushmode Never uses rush mode.
1 = On
0 = Off
super_volcanos Feature demanded by Sexeh-Bot. Try it.
1 = On
0 = Off
Server options (sv_vars)
(Directors Cut)
Allow voice comms between opposing teams
1 = On
0 = Off

2 = On + Plus Dead People
sv_floodcount amount of sentences the player can say in x amount of time
sv_allowdownload Allow clients to download
0 = Dont allow
1 = Allow
sv_allowupload Allow clients to upload. Custom Sprays for example.
0 = Dont allow
1 = Allow
sv_floodtime determines the x in the line above.
sv_forcebalance Only allows you to join the team with less players
mp_tkdeal How to deal with TKers
2 = kick
1 or 0 = punish
mp_chasecam Chase cam
0 = Off
1 = On
2 = Teammates only
mp_allowspectators Allows free floating spectators
0 = Off
1 = On
mp_allowpractice Allows gun fights whilst waiting for the round to start
0 = Off
1 = On
mp_tkbantime How long a TKer will be banned for
mp_balanceteams Stops play if teams are unbalanced
0 = Off
1 = On
mp_forcebalance Forces the player to join the team with fewest players
0 = Off
1 = On
mp_fraglimit Max kills before level change (DM + LMS Only)
mp_timelimit Max time before a level change
mp_roundtimelimit Max time a round can last
mp_forcerespawn Whether or not a player is forced to respawn in DM/roundless TP
0 = Off
1 = On
mp_gametype Different game modes.
0 = Deathmatch
1 = Last Man Standing (Deathmatch with rounds basically)
2 = Last Man Standing with equipment selection
3 = Last Man Standing with random weapons each round
4 = Teamplay with rounds
5 = Teamplay with out rounds
mp_nogoals Activate Goals.
0 = Allow goals in maps that have them.
1 = Disable goals in maps that have them.
NOTE : DM automatically removes goals anyway.
This is more for playing a map in teamplay.
mp_friendlyfire Whether team mates can cause damage
0 = Off
1 = On
sv_logdamage Writes the damage caused to each player to the logs
0 = Off
1 = On
sv_logchat Writes conversations to the logs
0 = Off
1 = On
bot_snipe Allow bots on the server to snipe
0 = Off
1 = On
bot_wp_edit Bot waypoint editing mode
0 = Off
1 = On
sv_wpedit Server/Computer waypoint editing mode
0 = Off
1 = On
mp_bots Add bots. Enter a number
kickbot "name" Kicks the bot you name.
rcon_password Password for Rcon admin
sv_rcon_maxfailures Maxmimum rcon failures before permenant ban
mp_teamkills Number of Tk's allowed before punishment
maxplayers Maximum players allowed on server
sv_aim Auto Aiming
0 = Off
1 = On
sv_cheats Enable Cheats
0 = Off 1 = On
sv_lan Enable LAN server
0 = Off 1 = On
sv_sendvelocity Enable Low ping physics
0 = Off 1 = On
pauseable Clients ability to pause server
0 = Off 1 = On
developer Developer mode
0 = Off 1 = On
hostname Set the server name
sv_maxspeed Speed at which the game runs. (HL Default 270)
hpk_maxsize Maximum player decal size. (Default 1.0)
sv_maxunlag Time netcode attempts to compensate for someone's ping (Default 0.250)
sv_maxupdaterate Set maximum server updates per second (Default 100)
sv_minupdaterate Set minimum server updates per second (Default 20)
sv_maxrate Set maximum bandwidth taken by client (Default 20000)
sv_minrate Set minimum bandwidth taken by client (Default 2500)
sys_ticrate Set tick rate of server (Default 100)
sv_contact Set contact details for server (email/weburls etc)
sv_botgrudge Set bots to auto forgive team kills
0 = Off
1 = On

The VGUI (Valve Graphical User Interface) Can be used in AHL to perform many useful functions. It can be used to quickly send messages, perform gestures, and pick thematic weapon selections. Also, it can be used to easily change netgraph and performance settings. Bind a key to +commandmenu to activate the VGUI.