Action Half-Life is a modification for Half-Life designed to simulate the experience of being in an Action movie.

Action Half-Life aims for something called 'Movie Realism.' This means that you can take a few bullets and keep fighting.



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Action Half-life Map depot. New maps and info for map developers.

Haven o' Frags. Weapons and Player Model replacements for Action Half-Life.

Action Scripting Central. Scripts for making Action Half-Life faster and easier.

Action Art. Replacement splash screens, Sprays, Wallpapers and anything art related to Action Half-Life.

The Ministry of Action. The home of the people who make Action Half-Life and news of new releases.





2 NEW INSTALLERS July 28, 2016

We now have 2 new installers a 32 bit and a 64 bit that use the right install path.
After the whole cloud thing the install path was wrong on the old installer.
And have the new Player models pack included !
All so some new Action Half-Life maps that didn't make the original release.

Windows Full Installer DOWNLOAD


ACTION HALF-LIFE 2 Beta Released!  April 2, 2016

If you to play some Action Half-Life but are sick of the old graphics' and old maps,
Try Action Half-Life 2 beta!
There are a few servers running and people playing.
The files are in the
DOWNLOADS here and at the New ACTION Map Depot.


Action Half-Life: Director's Cut RC2 RELEASE!   August 8, 2005

After much sweat, blood, tears (Oh and a few thousand miles of traveling to get wasted)
The Ministry of Action are proud to present AHL:DC release candidate 2!!!!
Lets get straight to it!

Anyhow here's the Change log for the curious : *enjoy*

=== AHL: Directors Cut RC2 changes (08-08-05) ====


Game play with goals is now fully functional
- lives system
- NPC entity
- fix of Game Triggers
- improved entity mastering
- goal scoring system improved with round system
- goal maps added
New Media/Content
- new manual
- new splash screen
- movie intro added
AHL Fast downloads server added for downloading custom content at lightning speed
Dynamic lighting added (shooting lights up the surrounding area)
New bots configurations added
Command: killallbots added - This will gib any bots left alive
Command: sv_botgrudge added - When set to 1 bots will punish team kills
env_model: Map makers can now add animated entities to their maps
Example map cycles for different game modes added
Example Configurations reworked
Super Volcano's mode added

The Management


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