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Making Action Half-Life Demo's

This tutorial is for all you players that don't want to spend hours to make a cool movie. With this tutorial I put in all the basic stuff and hints and tips you need to make and edit Action Half-Life Demo's.

Making and playing demo's is pretty easy. One thing to remember is, that if you plan on making a movie of your demo you should reduce your Action Half-Life screen resolution to 800x600 or less or the end movie file will be too BIG for people to down load.

To record your game while playing, bring down your console and then type:
record demo1

demo1 is the name of your demo file, (call it what you want) Now you are recording your game!

To stop the recording, bring down your console and then type: stop

Remember that the movie constantly records even if you die, and also note that the recording will automatically stop when the server changes level / map, so you have to record a new map / game with a new name. The completed record is called a demo file. It is saved in your Action directory with the file name demo1 (or whatever you called it)

To play back your demo, start Action Half-Life in single player mode or join an empty server in spectator, bring down your console and then type: playdemo demo1 (or whatever you called your demo)



The following are scripts that have been written and tested for Action Half-life DC

Demo Studio - This script will set up a complete recording and playback demo studio.

Complete demo command list - complete list of demo commands.



The following are scripts that may have been written for earlier versions of Action Half-Life. Some will work, Other may not. I will endeavor to test these and add them to the current list as time permits.